It’s finally here and it’s for FREE: The WordPress Widget Options Importer & Exporter feature. You can now create widgets backup. This means you can download both active and inactive widgets from one of your sites. Also, upload them into another without getting a separate plugin. Widget Options is now capable of exactly doing these with its latest feature. In addition, you can create back up of specific sidebar widget areas only. Just download Widget Options. If you have it already, make sure to update to the latest version. Then, you can begin exporting and importing widgets.

Exporting a huge number of widgets used to be time consuming before plugins became available. Same is true with importing.

Today, not only we have plugins dedicated for widgets migration; but also we have ones like Widget Options that does all the widget management tasks imaginable including exporting and importing widgets.

How Widget Options Import & Export Feature Works to Create Widgets Backup and To Manage Imports

The video below shows how you can quickly and easily create widgets backups by using the export option found on Tools >> Import or Export Widgets in your dashboard. You can choose to export both active and inactive widgets. Exported widgets shall be saved into your computer as .json file.

Importing is very simple. You just have to switch to the WordPress site where you want the widgets to import to. On the same page in the dashboard (Tools >> Import or Export Widgets), choose the .json file you want to upload. All those active widgets will appear in their respective widget areas. If those widget areas are not available in the site, you can find their widgets in the inactive Sidebar and Widgets. Then, use the rest of Widget Options’ functions to manage both your active and inactive widgets. It’s very simple, indeed.

Creating Widgets Backup for Your Sidebars with the Widget Area Options Feature

If you need to create back up of only the sidebar widgets, just enable the Widget Area Options feature. Do this by going to Settings > Widget Options in your dashboard. Then, configure settings by opting to show Remove Widgets and Download Backup links below each sidebar widget area. Doing this will let you instantly backup all sidebar widgets. It also lets you remove them altogether. Watch the video below.

Download Widget Options now or update to the latest version. Enjoy the brand new Import & Export feature.