Customizing the alignment of WordPress widgets and Gutenberg blocks is not just about tweaking minor details; it plays a key role in the overall aesthetic of your site. This customization is particularly useful for enhancing the look of each widget.

Consider this: if your widgets are left-aligned on desktop views, Widget Options enables you to switch them to a center alignment on mobile devices. This change is made without affecting the layout on desktops and tablets, allowing for a seamless and responsive design experience across all devices.

Moreover, each widget has its unique design needs, especially those containing images, where an eye-catching alignment can significantly boost their appeal. In essence, this widget alignment feature is a perfect tool for styling your widgets, providing you with the flexibility and control to ensure your site looks impeccable on any screen.

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Widget Options also comes with other Widget Styling and Responsiveness features. We’ve got Columns, Styling, Animation and Class & ID.