Completely Control/Manage your WordPress Widgets

Get Started with Widget Options Now

Widget Options lets you control each and every widget’s WordPress Pages Visibility on your site. We understand that having full control over each element on every website will let you maximize the features you want.

Options in the Pages Visibility tab options give you the ability to restrict widget visibility for default pages such as home, archives, search, 404 and specific pages. If you are familiar with, or using Display Widget Plugin, this feature is pretty similar.

The visibility tab allows you to completely control each widget’s visibility and restrict it on any WordPress page. When this feature is turned on, you can use the options in the widget options page visibility settings to turn on or off the tabs for post types, taxonomies, and other options. You can enable the option for child pages to inherit parent widget visibility in the settings as well.

This will make it easy for you to hide each WordPress widget on certain pages and put different things in the sidebars. This is very helpful in serving appropriate contents to your readers.

Readers tend to ignore single or default sidebar content because it can be boring. Serving different widget content ensures that your sidebars are unique to each page.