WordPress Widgets on Menu is a premium add-on for Extended Widget Options to allow widgets to be added when creating your navigation menu. This functionality will enable you to create a mega menu navigation for your WordPress site easily by using any widgets. Check the first video below to see how the plugin works.

This article will guide you on how to use Settings > Widget Options : Widgets on Menu options. The video below contains the issues that can be easily solve by each settings fields and checkboxes provided.

  1. Remove Relative Position and Fixed Sub-menu Position – this checkboxes will fix your issue when the widgets on menu is not displaying well in terms of positioning.
  2. Use Tabled Layout – this checkbox option will ensure that your widgets will have equal height by utilising table css display.
  3. Display None First and Block on Hover – this two options will hide your submenu with widgets first and display on hover. Some menus are using visibility:hidden or opacity:0 which may cause conflicts with widgets. This checkboxes solves this issues.
  4. Widget Padding – Add padding to your widgets on menu to make it better.
  5. Widget Margin – Add margins to your widgets on menu to add better spacing.
  6. Position to relative – this option will add position:relative to any class or IDs you’ll be adding on it.

That’s all the explanations for the options provided. If in any case you are having any other issues and requires help, please do not hesitate to contact our support page here.