Widget Options for WordPress surpasses 20k active installations

A lot has changed since I decided to invest a huge amount of time improving Widget Options, a WordPress widget conditional and management plugin that will make you love widgets even more. To make the plugin better, I’ve made its own website – https://widget-options.com/ and moved away from CodeCanyon. I’ve also improved the plugin’s features and speed to add more value to it. I’ve also decided to create a mascot for it, so that users can better distinguish the plugin, and that’s when Mr. Wrex was born.

After several months, my efforts paid off and Widget Options immediately reached the 10k active installation milestone. I’m really happy that the users loved it and gave 300+ perfect 5-star reviews! This became a great motivation for me to add more features, create add-ons, and come up with many more ideas to make the plugin standout from the rest and to reach the goal of making Widget Options the only plugin you’ll ever need to manage your WordPress widgets!

Since then, my daily habit has changed to reading 5-star reviews. Yes! I’m getting reviews almost daily and they really brighten up my day and boost my productivity. They’re so overwhelming that I usually find myself guilty of reading the same comments over and over again. For those who took time to submit your Widget Options rating and experience, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! You’re one of the reasons this plugin is getting better every time 🙂

Widget Options for WordPress 5-star ratings

What’s next? Here’s a sneak peek of the upcoming features to celebrate this milestone!

I have never been more excited when I got the 20K+ active installations and decided to work on the other features on my ideas roadmap. Here is the sneak peek of the upcoming features and add-ons.

Better Admin Management: Move WordPress Widget Without Dragging

I don’t know about all of you but I always feel like this is a feature that’s missing from the way we manage our widgets, especially when there’s a lot of widget areas. Dragging and scrolling the page is really tiring and inefficient, and don’t get me started on mobile editing! That’s why I’ve decided to take a look again on wp-admin/js/widgets.js and check what I can do to add and extend this functionality, and upon checking it gives me a lot of ideas that are totally possible so here’s the video sneak peek! I hope you love this feature. I believe this will be very helpful to your websites!

Easily Clone WordPress Widgets and Assign them to any Widget Areas

This feature isn’t available on core also, and I think it will make you love widget admin management. It’s about time to clone widgets and assign them to any widget areas with ease, just like the action you do on Moving Widgets to make it really feel like a core feature. 🙂 Your best experience is always my top priority. While I’m still deciding if this will be a free or pro feature, you can now check the sneak peek video.

Transform Widgets to Modal Pop-up, Slide-in and/or Sliding Panel

We always have a full-width template on our websites, especially now that no-sidebar design is becoming a hit. However, I’ve always had this thought that there should be a better option for us website owners to create widgets that take user-directed actions that help our customers navigate the site easily. Moreover, such option lets us provide them with call to action buttons for necessary and important contents that they need to see without cluttering the space and thus make such space as user-friendly as possible. After working out on this add-on for several months, it’s now available for beta testing in which you can join here to take advantage of the 50% beta discount in exchange for your comments and suggestions.

Let’s celebrate! Here’s for your continuous support and for using Widget Options

Here’s a free e-book to help you out on deciding how you can improve your website’s sidebars and widget areas. We’ve taken a lot of time researching top sites in order to give you detailed insights on how to optimize your sidebars for better conversion. Download Ultimate Guide: Optimizing WordPress Sidebars and Widgets for Better Traffic and Conversions now, and I hope this will be of great help to your websites.

Upgrade to Extended Widget Options now to get 30% OFF

For those who love Widget Options and want to upgrade, now is the time! To celebrate this milestone, we are giving away coupons for 30% OFF your purchase. I can assure you that you’ll love Extended Widget Options more! I’ve dedicated lots of time and add very useful features that will be of great help to your website. Use 20kACTIVE on or before August 31, 2017 to take advantage of the discount.

Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for choosing Widget Options and for your continuous support on the plugin. A simple plugin review can do huge impact on us developers and really gives us motivation every single day. Please do take time to rate your experience with any of the WordPress plugins you are using on your websites. Whether you love them or think they could use some improvements, let us know. Thanks again!

And oh, you can comment below for any suggestions or greet me ‘Happy Birthday’‘coz it’s my birth month! 🙂 Thanks in advance!