There are 48,906 plugins on and merely 2% are having more than 10k active installation( source ). We are very happy that Widget Options is now one of them! For that, we are very happy and would love to thank those happy users. Really, thank you very much!

This has been a huge achievement. For being able to help the community and to provide a well-rated plugin on the repository is a great achievement! Thank you, again, for leaving 5-star reviews; this really drives the plugin development forward.

Brand new feature

We thought it would be a great idea to add this brand new feature to thank you all. This will be available for both free and extended plugin versions.

WordPress Widgets and Sidebars Search Filter

Managing widgets on admin dashboard does lack a search functionality that will totally improve the way we are assigning each widget to specific sidebar. Especially when there are lots of custom sidebars and widgets, drag and drop feature isn’t that much of a help, and scrolling takes forever. This brings the idea of having live search filter for both widgets and sidebar choosers. We are hoping this feature will be very helpful on your widget management.

We won’t reach this achievement without your continuing use of our plugin. Again, thank you very much, and we are hoping that you will continue using this plugin. We do promise to make it better, for you to fully control your WordPress widgets!

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Sneak peek of upcoming add-on
We’ve posted a sneak peek of our upcoming add-on, and if you haven’t seen it yet, now is a good time for you to check it out while updating/installing Widget Options on your site. I hope you’ll love it.