Are you using Pagebuilder by SiteOrigin Plugin on your WordPress sites?

It’s a great choice, since there are lots of pagebuilder plugins out there.

SiteOrigin Pagebuilder offers lots of options and flexibility on building pages using widgets rather than custom plugin modules — this sets it apart from others.

Good news! Extended Widget Options is now SO Pagebuilder – ready and working perfectly on extending the pagebuilder’s widget management. This article focuses mainly on the benefits you’ll have on using the plugin side by side.

Pagebuilder by SiteOrigin Widgets on Steroids

Lets get started with the plugin features you’ll definitely enjoy when building your page.

Widgets Animation

Get more user attention by animating your Pagebuilder by Siteorigin widgets, specially those features block. Add animation when widgets enter the page when user is scrolling or on page load. Easily set animation speed, delay, and even offset value.

User Roles Visibility

Show or hide widgets per user role, which is very helpful on membership or community site to display member-only content, then show different one on guests.

Widget Content Alignment

Set different widget alignment for each widget on each screen size such as desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Show or Hide Widget per Device

Easily hide those long widgets on mobile and/or display a different one. You can show different content per screen size : desktop, tablet, and/or mobile devices.

Days and Date Range Visibility

In need to show the widgets on certain date range for promotions? You can now do it easily by just clicking on date pickers and it will automatically be hidden when expires. You can also show or hide each widget per day! Communicate to your visitors better and let them know that you’re closed on weekends.

Sticky / Fixed Widget

Make those special widget sticky on user scroll and grab more attention!

Link Widgets

In need to redirect users on widget click? You can add internal links or custom url and set to target on parent or new tab. And yes, you can add nofollow attributes for SEO purposes.

Widget Styling

More color pickers option to manage widget content styling.

Hide Title

Checkbox option to easily hide each widget title.

Widget Columns

Just in case SiteOrigin Pagebuilder columns are not enough for you and you need to control what column display it would be for desktop, tablet, and/or mobile screen sizes.

In need of more info about these extensive features? Just click here.

That’s all! If you need any other features, just comment for your suggestions. Unlock full widget functionalities instead of switching page builders if you are looking for those features above. Develop faster and easier by using these plugins side by side; and get wonderful results.