How to Remove the Sidebar in WordPress

The WordPress sidebar is a widget slot usually located on your theme’s left, right, or bottom. But sometimes, you need to remove the sidebar to have a WP panel without widgets. Modern WP themes usually have special options in their settings to remove the sidebar. This guide – which teaches you how to remove sidebars from your WordPress website – might be helpful if your […]

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Updating Failed: The Response Is Not a Valid JSON Response

You create some posts on your websites, and the output is not updated correctly, resulting in the error message “Update failed”. Error message: The response is not a valid JSON response.” This is one of the most common and frustrating errors WordPress users and developers face on their websites. In 2018, WordPress revamped its classic editor and replaced it with its new counterpart Gutenberg (Block). […]

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How To Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources In WordPress

More often than not, when we audit the performance of our website, we get suggestions to Eliminate render-blocking resources.  What Is Render-Blocking JavaScript and CSS? When we load our website into a browser, it sends out calls to each and every script in a queue. Usually, that queue needs to be empty before the website is visible in the browser. There are two types of […]

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How to Combine External Javascript in WordPress

Combining external javascript is one of the solutions for slow loading WordPress sites. This easy tutorial will show you how and should help your web pages load more quickly. The need to combine external Javascript files Some of the plugins/themes added into your site come with a bunch of javascript files. Javascript adds interactive behavior and functionality to your web pages. When you request a […]

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