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We understand the importance of giving you full control over your website’s layout and user experiences. 

Including some user reports about having a problem with overlapping experiences with the header and footer. Our Fixed Widget addresses this by adding fixed positioning to each widget when the page is scrolled. This feature allows precise control over widget positioning, ensuring they remain visible to users even during scrolling up and down.

How to enable Fixed Widget?

Step 1: Go to Settings > Widget Options.
Step 2: Navigate to the Fixed Widget box and enable it.
Step 3: Click on configure settings button.
Step 4: Make sure to input the parameter and set the correct margin top, stop class/ID and disable height and width if necessary.

How to enable Fixed Widget

How to Enable Fixed Widget on a specific widget?

Step 1: Go to “Appearance” > “Widgets” and navigate to widget you intend to use the conditional logic.
Step 2: Then hover to Widget Options tabs, click on gear tab and then click the MISC tab.
Step 3: Under Fixed Widget section, tick the Check to fixed widget on scroll.
Step 4: Remember to save your changes by clicking ‘Save’ on the widget.

Here’s a visual reference:

Visual guide on how to enable Fixed Widget on a specific widget
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