Widget Options Extended includes a Clone Widgets feature on the Classic Widget Editor, making it easier to duplicate WordPress widgets. If you need the same widget in multiple areas, this tool simplifies the process. You no longer have to manually set up and tweak each copy. Just select the ‘clone‘ option, and effortlessly create as many duplicates as you need, all with a few clicks.

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With Clone WordPress Widgets Feature, you won’t miss any settings

Duplicating widgets and making a lot of customizations with them can be sometimes stressful. This is true especially when you miss some settings. Consequently, you go over them several times just to make sure you have everything in place. Thus, we have come up with the Clone Widget option to save you from this trouble.

Duplicate WordPress Widgets in Just a Few Clicks

Enable “Classic Widget Screen” and “Clone Widgets” on the Widget Options’ plugin settings. The “clone” option will then be added to the settings of every active widget (next to “delete” and “close”). After customizing a widget, just click “clone”. Next, choose the area where you want the widget to be cloned into. It will instantly appear in the chosen area, bearing all the customizations you’ve made with it.

Clone WordPress Widgets

The Clone Widgets feature, exclusive to the Classic Widget editor, is quite useful for copying widgets within the same area. Imagine you want ad widgets at different spots in your sidebar, like the top, middle, and bottom. With this tool, you can create identical copies in terms of both function and look. Simply customize one widget, then clone it. This way, you can easily replicate its style and settings across other widgets, which is a real time-saver.

Choosing the Classic Widget Screen, you get a user-friendly, old-school editing feel, along with a robust suite of Widget Options features that enhance your ability to tailor widgets to your needs.