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Technical requirements

Please ensure that your web hosting meets the following requirements: PHP 5.6 or newer MySQL 5.0.3 or newer WordPress 4.7.5 or newer Web hosting recommendation In general the above-mentioned requirements are easily met by all web hosting providers.

Do you have a Demo or Trial?

We don't provide a demo or trial for the pro version of our plugin, but feel free to check out the basic version of our plugin which is available for free on https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/widget-options/. Regarding the pro version, we curated a list of features and our support team is available to answer any questions you may have. We also have a 30-day Money Back Guarantee, which allows you to dig into the plugin, try it out on your site and see how it works for you. Our documentation is well-prepared to help you to install, configure and use our plugin. If...