Sidebar Location in WordPress is NOT limited to only one side of a page

This feature, if theme permits, lets you choose sidebar location in such ways that it contributes to the overall look of the page. However, you don’t consider aesthetics as the only element when picking the perfect place for your sidebars. Functionality is far more important. For instance, there’s a good reason why most web designers choose right WordPress sidebars over the left. It’s because we read contents from the left going to the right. This reading pattern has accustomed us to focus our mind towards whatever is on the right-hand part of the reading material. Thus, when you choose that sidebar location, it gets a good amount of attention, and readers are likely to look further; however, never discount the power of a left sidebar because it is the first that people notice. What you put on either left or right is what matters most.

Moreover, I am not saying that you don’t need to try putting anything, such as widgets, at the bottom of the main content area, for example. There are sure relevant contents worth placing there, especially if you think the main contents you have created are worth looking until the very end. This means that you can drive your visitor’s attention down to the location of the widgets, so you can place items, such as social media icons, related posts, etc.

Battle Between Left And Right WordPress Sidebars

40.25 % of the 75 popular websites uses ONLY right WordPress sidebars.

Only 10.38 % has pages wherein they place sidebars on the left. 14.28% of these sites uses left and right sidebars (some pages, on the left; some, on the right), and rarely has pages wherein sidebars are placed on both sides.

Left and Right WordPress Sidebars are Widget-Ready

Perhaps by now you can imagine a wide-range of widgets that you can place on your websites. However, you also realize that your chosen theme limits your customization power over the also limited number of widgets. Otherwise, you may not allow widgets at all. Nonetheless, it’s good to know that most of the WordPress themes have widget-ready sidebars. Furthermore, it’s even better to know that you can take full control over those widgets. It’s by the help of some plugins available for free or for a premium. More on these plugins later.

We already outlined the role and features of sidebars. Along the way, we went pointing out their limitations. We also finished enumerating the issues encountered when deciding what to place in them. Let us then go over the widgets that they feature and the common mistakes committed when using those widgets. Let’s also look at how to properly address these mistakes. This way, we can finally turn your sidebars and widgets into wonderful traffic-drawing tools.